Simple One Card Angel Reading - $10.00

This reading gives you a special message just for you from the Angels.

Looking Ahead - Three Card Angel Reading - $15.00

This reading provides insight to the (Recent Past, Present, Near Future)

Rainbow Spread - Five Card Angel Reading - $25.00

This reading is more in depth and has messages that help you deal with a situation and or concern.  (Situation, Expectations, Hidden Influences, Advice and Outcome)

Celtic Cross - Ten Card Spread Angel Reading - $45.00

This reading is most in-depth Angel messages (The situation, The challenge and or compliment of the situation, Basis of the Situation, the Past, Present, Future, Power, Environment(people), Hopes and fears, advice and outcome)

To get a reading please give me first name and email address In the message box please ask the question you wish for guidance.  When you are completing the form please feel with your heart and pray as you type your message.  I will email your Angel Messages within 72 hours.  I will also send a Reiki Energy Blessing with each reading. 

Blessings and thank you for ordering your reading. I will have it to you within 48 hours.
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Kevin MacLeod (Scoring: Wonder)